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Iron County Outdoor Recreation




581 N MAIN ST.




Application and Information on Park Reservations

Alcohol Use Application

Three Peaks and Woods Ranch are public parks maintained by Iron County for the benefit of Iron County residents and their friends. In as much as these parks are maintained by County funds, and whereas they are open to the general public for use, after appropriate reservations made and fees paid, certain regulations and rules must be adhered to for the benefit of the entire public.

  • No sale of beverage, goods, food or other business or commercial transactions shall occur on the park premises without prior approval by Iron County Commissioners.
  • Consumption of alcohol in county parks requires a permit from Iron County Outdoor Recreation Dept. Alcohol must be contained and not in the open reach areas. All Utah liquor laws and regulations must be observed. No alcohol is allowed at the Shooting Range.
  • Use of firearms or fireworks in county parks is strictly prohibited and subject to prosecution.
  • No camping, shooting or ATV riding at Woods Ranch.
  • Shooting is only permitted at the Three Peaks Shooting Range.
  • Fires are only permitted in designated fire pits or fire places. Fires must be doused before leaving the area!
  • Trees may not be cut for firewood. Bring your own or pick up deadwood.
  • Overnight camping in ONLY permitted in the campground area of Three Peaks Park. It is on a first-come, first-served basis. Camping is limited to 14 days. Camping is not permitted in or around the pavilion areas. Cost is $10 per night.
  • LEAVE NO TRACE. All trash must be carried out or deposited in the containers provided. Not buried!
  • Any destruction of public property or littering is a CRIMINAL OFFENSE punishable by fine and/or incarceration. Please report vandalism or any criminal acts to the Iron County Sheriff's Office at (435)867-7550.
  • Please have a copy of your approved reservation with you on site.
  • Woods Ranch, Three Peaks and the Shooting Range are unsupervised areas. There are inherent risks while enjoying the outdoors, including but not limited to: extreme weather conditions, wild animals, slippery and uneven surfaces and wildfires. Iron County does not accept any responsibility for any damages, loss of property or bodily injury that occurs here at these parks. Your safety is your responsibility!
  • If you are wanting to hold a race, festival or public gathering that charges an admission at any of these parks, you must obtain a Special Event permit. You can request a permit application by contacting the Iron County Outdoor Recreation Director, Maria Twitchell at 435-586-5124 or mtwitchell@ironcounty.net.
  • There is an additional Special Event fee of $500.


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